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If you updated your website five years ago, it’s likely that’s it’s already dated or at least needs a few tweaks. It all depends on your business goals and your target audience. If you haven’t been following trends in mobile development or your marketing objectives have changed, it might be time to consider freshening it up or getting a second opinion from a leading creative services agency in New York City, Los Angeles, or your home city.

While you’re at it, make sure your branding and media contributions are in the moment as well. There is a major shift in what users are looking for and it stems from global attitude changes, not a collection of arbitrary microtrends.

What the public needs and wants

Design experts have recently been considering how national and world events are affecting what consumers are interested in. There is a new need for transparency and truth and if your website doesn’t reflect those principles your bounce rate may spike.

Keep them interested. Customers don’t want to be side angled or hit from oblique angles. They want you to say what you mean and mean what you say. Pandering is out – authenticity is in. If a prospect lands on your site, they want to find what they were searching for without having to read four paragraphs in to find it. Simple and fast is key. Visual cues are even better. The first thing they see should let them know they’re in the right place.

Where to deliver

This extends beyond your website itself. What your team posts on social media is crucial as well. So, even if you don’t need to update your website, your team needs to stay on top of what consumers are looking for so that your posts get the attention and follow through you’re striving for.

For instance, according to the Wall Street Journal, fewer than 0.01% of users that follow a company ever interact with that company’s posts. Worse yet, Facebook algorithms are now designed so that fewer of a company’s posts are even seen in the first place. The solution is to boost those posts with paid promoting. If you’re paying, those posts need to be thoughtfully designed to gain the greatest interest.

Users are more inclined to interact with visual posts and spend more time looking at them than reading any accompanying text. That’s why infographics are huge right now – with triple the amount of interaction than with text alone. Studies show that people comprehend image-based instructions 323% better than text. They also remember that information 55% better three days later.

Infographics aren’t the only form of visual that garners attention on sites like Facebook. Videos are 74% of daily online traffic. Even in B2B, 59% of executives prefer video to text-based information.

Social media videos are where businesses really need to invest in outsourcing to a stellar creative services company. 85% of prospects are viewing those videos without sound and prefer videos that are fewer than 60 seconds. This calls for creative design that is on point, relevant, clickable, and converting. A silent video under 60 seconds that makes an impact? With the right creative services agency, it CAN be done.

What’s coming:

  • Natural color schemes – especially in green tones – that evoke the truth of life
  • Bold color schemes in primary colors that evoke authenticity
  • Duotones that are reminiscent of transparency
  • Sans serif fonts in text  – both because they are easier to read and also because they don’t try to engineer false emotion
  • Mixed fonts in titles – to grab attention
  • Candid photos
  • Hand drawn graphics

How to get it done

Design across channels is a tricky process that takes a lot of time and thought. Even with a creative team in-house, the job is a tough one. An effective creative services company is experienced in cohesive planning that covers your branding across all channels and incorporates SEO and other traffic generating initiatives as well.

To find a creative services company in LA, San Francisco, NYC or the city nearest you, log into Credibase and explore our creative service agency listings.

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