How to Clean a Main Line Drain in South Pasadena, CA?

Clean a Main Line DrainAre you having trouble cleaning the main drain in Pasadena, CA? Well, there are several ways that you can use to unclog the drain. Most of the time, the cause of blockage should allow you to sue a simple methods outlined here. If the blockage is as a result of solid obstructions, you should probably call a plumber to avoid damaging the main drainage pipe.

Hose Pipe

A hose pipe can be used to unclog the drain if the blockage is further down from the opening. What you need to do is to feed the hose into the drain after attaching it to the faucet. Push it to go as far as possible. Next, you should cover the opening around the hose with a rag. That will make sure that the water will not back out when you turn it on. Finally, you should turn on the water to its maximum valve pressure and allow it to run for a about ten seconds. That should do the trick; the force of the water will drive the soft blockage away and clear the drainage.

Using the Clean-Out

The clean-out is shaped in the form of a Y and is mostly located at the exit of the drain pipe from the house. It can be used to clean out blockage that is above or below it. Get an empty bucket and rags that you can use to soak dirty water. Place hem directly under the clean-out. Now slowly open it in a counter-clockwise direction. The trapped drain water will run out into the bucket and some will get soaked by the rags. Insert an auger to remove any blockage that is closer to the clean-out.

House Trap

This is an outdoor U-shaped fitting that allows you t unblock the main drainage. It is a little bit messy than the Clean-out and will stink more. You need to find it by looking for two adjacent clean-outs on the floor. When you locate it, place a bucket and rugs underneath it. The water that will run out is slightly more than what came out of the clean-out. If water from the beyond the house trap starts to flow back as you open it, you need to act fast. Open it, check with an auger for blockage and remove it if you can. If you are not sure whether you should proceed or not, close it and call a professional plumber.

Blockage Caused By Roots

It is possible for roots to crack and penetrate the drainage pipes and cause blockage. When that happens, then use of an auger will not clear the blockage. In such cases, you need call a professional plumber who will use an electric rooter or a power auger. The rooter will be inserted into the pipe and driven through it to cut the roots that protrude from the wall of the pipe. If you believe you can do it yourself without damaging the pipes, then you can rent it from the local tool rental store of home improvement store.

Using the Power Auger

To cut the roots using a power auger, simply feed it into the pipe from the cleanout opening. As you push it through the pipe, you will feel when it encounters a root because of the additional cable strain. Keep pushing until you make a breakthrough, do it gently though. Repeat the motion and go through the section again.

Call a Professional

If you are not sure what is causing the blockage, you can call a professional plumber to help you clean a Main Line Drain in South Pasadena, CA. The plumber will come with diagnostic visual tools that he can feed into the main pipe an examine it. That will give a visual of what is causing the blockage. He or she will then come up with a possible solution on how to clear it.

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