Increase Traffic to Your Website by PPC in Manchester

Traffic by PPC

PPC is the greatest tool available for attracting traffic towards your website. But, what makes it challenging is the fact that it is extremely diverse. And, unless you are very careful, the whole thing could rear its ugly head and turn out to be an extremely costly affair.

This post talks about some unique PPC Manchester strategies you can use to drive maximum relevant traffic towards your landing page.  


  • Optimize ads for mobile


Everyone knows that the whole world is going mobile. More than 50% searches come through mobile searches. Therefore, it’s estimated that in coming time, more than half the PPC clicks will come from mobile users.

This is why, it’s highly recommended that the sooner you create/optimize ads for mobile, the better you will be able to beat the competition. If your ads don’t pop-up in the initial three searches, then you would have a hard time getting sufficient returns on investment.

Also, simply optimizing your PPC Manchester campaign by incorporating mobile ads is not enough. It’s important to have mobile-optimized landing pages to go with those ads. A responsive website alone is no longer sufficient. You will need to design the pages specifically for offering a great mobile user experience.


  • Don’t lose your grip on retargeting


It’s common knowledge that not every user who clicks on your ad or lands on a landing page is going to finalize a sale. People can leave midway for a plenty of reasons. Regardless of the reason, there’s a high chance that user might never come back to the same landing page.

The only way to capture those lost visitors is to retarget them. That’s what retargeting is all about. It essentially involves placing a cookie on the browser of the user who clicked on the ads. This ‘cookie’ will make sure that your brand remains visible in front of all those people who came on to your page but checked out before making a deal. This will constantly remind them of what your brand is, how great you are, and what all you have to offer. Sooner or later, it will make your PPC Manchester campaign more fruitful.

Also, since there is virtually no cost to retargeting, it’s something that every PPC manager should exploit to make their campaign effective and achieve higher ROI.



  • Bid on the searches involving your competitors’ brand names


You may not know this but your competitors may be running ads for keywords involving your brand name. This strategy is a good way to know how much competition is out there. You too should follow this strategy by bidding on keywords involving branded terms. You want to see how many customers your competitors are attracting, right?

Well, following this strategy gives you incredible insight into exactly that. Also, you get an incredible chance to win those customers over; the ones who are dedicatedly searching for a specific type of product you competitors are offering.

Smart and effective landing pages could even convince your competitors’ clients to switch over to your brand.


  • Targeting in-market audiences


What makes a PPC Manchester campaign challenging is getting your ads to display in front of only those people who are truly interested in your product and who are actively searching for similar products as the ones you are selling through ads.

But, since mostly there’s a mismatch between the two, you end-up wasting money. So, the question arises – what can you do to make sure the ad appears only to a relevant and interested audience?

Well, that’s where the option of targeting Google’s in-market audiences comes into picture. In-market audiences are formed of users who are somewhere within the buying circle. Perhaps they are actively searching for a specific car model. By exploring Google’s in-market audience option, your ad will appear only to those people who are proactively inputting queries for a similar product. And so, the chances of your ad getting more clicks and eventually more sales will amplify.  Combine this strategy with retargeting and you are sure to see your sale numbers soaring high.


  • Use GSPs (Gmail Sponsored Promotions)


This option is relatively new. In fact, Google only released it last year. What it involves is essentially displaying ads in the Gmail account of a user based on the nature of the mail exchanged by him/her.

For instance, if a user is sending an email frequently about cars or about scooters, then the ads featuring cars or the type of motor vehicle that he/she is contemplating buying will appear in front of him/her.

This is yet another powerful way to do laser-targeting for your PPC Manchester campaign. Not a lot of people would be using this since it’s a new trick in the book; thus leaving you with a huge window of opportunity to get more and more clicks for a low price.

PPC ads are mostly short, crisp, and to-the point. You have to play with limited words. Therefore, every word and every syllable matters. Choose your words carefully to get your message across. Make sure your message is relevant to the users, attention-grabbing, and built around a specific search.  

The entire ad should be extremely cohesive right from the headline, to the body, through to the landing page where it takes the user. But, how do you measure the cohesiveness and effectiveness of your ad? Well, you analyze it based on how well it’s performing.

To do that, explore the segment view in the Google Analytics. You will be able to analyze which parts and segments of your ads are receiving the maximum clicks. You will also get additional information such as what particular timings/days are working in your favor or the geographical areas from where most clicks are coming. Mix this Intel up with other helpful insight that Google Analytic offers and you can come up with plenty of new and interesting ways to improve your ads and eventually quality score.

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