Why Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services in St. Charles, MO?

Many homeowners are asking lately “Why Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services in St. Charles, MO?”, so here are a few valid reasons that we uncovered during our research:

1. The Nuisance Factor

Professional Drain CleaningIt’s a well-known fact that any slow-moving or backed-up drains can be a real nuisance, however, did you know that they’re also unsanitary? When you schedule professional drain cleaning services, they can clear the blockages in your drains whether it’s a sink drain that’s clogged, a shower that takes way too long in draining, or some other drain issue, having it fixed professionally can help you to avoid those inconveniences caused by any improperly draining areas of the home. And, fixing plugged-up, clogged, and stopped-up drains prior to them becoming a major problem can be both expeditious and a lot less expensive in the end.

2. Problems Can Start Small


That’s why it is advised for all homeowners to watch out for any signs that might indicate a clogged drain. Here are a few of those signs:


  1. Slow-draining water could indicate a clogged drain and could include water that pools in the kitchen sink before it drains or water that rises around your ankles in the shower.
  2. An exceptionally foul odor coming from one or more drains in the home could indicate sewage coming up from a drain and that means you could have a serious blockage and it should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Otherwise, chances are it will only get worse as the blockage continues to build.
  3. A bubbling noise when the toilet is flushed or when water is working its way down the drain often occurs if air is trapped in the pipe and is trying to escape.
  4. Recurring clogs are often something that homeowners try to DIY via the use of chemical drain cleaners. However, more often than not, these recurring clogs require a professional if the clogs never seem to go away no matter how many times you use the chemicals. The average homeowner just doesn’t have the tools nor the knowledge to remove a really stubborn blockage.

3. You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long

If drain problems have cropped up, waiting too long could turn a small drain issue into a really big one. So, sooner rather than later is the name of the game here. The problem might only appear to be a minor inconvenience right now, however, it could easily become a major problem if it isn’t addressed right away. So, when your first notice any kind of a drain problem, that’s the best time to contact a professional.

4. Clean Pipes are Healthier and Less Germy

Pipes that are clean and clear are much healthier for you and your family. That’s a proven fact. Clogged drains can not only result in some seriously bad smells but also are the perfect place for germs to congregate and multiply.

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